domingo, 12 de julho de 2015

"Count on me" - ASDA redesign

Não sei porquê, mas aos domingos o meu apetite é sempre maior.
E com essa afirmação, não preciso de justificar este post. Aproveito apenas para dizer que este exemplo de packaging é muito bom. E mesmo sabendo que ninguém me perguntou nada, vou responder: "- Gosto por ter um design simples, com personalidade e elegante."
A conversa mais a sério vem a seguir com a explicação da designer.

For customers to have confidence in a product, it must have confidence in itself. So why shouldn’t a basic range, have some charm and engagement. One of the aims of this project was to make people smile when they see these products, using witty puns that relate to the food. Which will grab people’s attention and inject personality.
The idea behind the change of the logo, was to show the history of Asda and to show the partnership between Asquith and Dairies. Partnership and relationship became key words in the project, which also helped me come up with an appropriate name for the range ‘Count on me’. I felt this best represented, what it is all about and is in keeping with what a basic range provides. Which is a reasonable and reliable product at a small cost. Yet it still has that personal touch to the name.